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Davidoff english mixture 50G

Davidoff english mixture 50G

I think a lot of the lackluster reviews of this mixture come from a misleading name, and perhaps a bit of a steep price. Both are correct, it is more a mild Danish with only a faint hint of traditional English character that's maybe 20% more expensive than it should be.

But, it's also a very enjoyable smoke. I tend to like latakia forward English blends best, followed by milder Danish blends as my occasional "sweet tooth" crave. This scratches the Danish itch for me quite well really, I'll buy it again.

Subtly sweet and very mildly tangy, I enjoy this as a first smoke of the day. If you've already enjoyed a heavier smoke in a given day, you might miss the subtlety and calm presentation of this blend. Quality of the tobacco is top notch and I think where the price might come in (although Davidoff is generally an expensive mark, there's probably some "name brand" penalty too).

Forgetting the expectations of traditional English, and enjoying it as the first pipe of the day cast this blend in the right light for best enjoyment. It's actually a bit unique from just about any other "themed' blend, worth a shot.
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