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Menthol rolling tobacco

Menthol rolling tobacco

The Auld Kendal Gold Menthol is a high quality, Pure Virginia blend, which has been enhanced with an invigorating menthol twist. All of the tobacco’s in the Auld Kendal range are very clean, containing very little of the stem and produce a very natural flavour without the chemical harshness present in many modern tobaccos. The Gold provides an easy going, smooth, smoke which shouldn’t offend even the least experienced smoker.

Flavoured rolling tobacco at Smokers Heaven tobacconist UK. At Smokers Heaven tobacconist we proudly stock the finest flavoured rolling tobacco available and our tobacco is always fresh. Try all our amazing flavoured rolling tobacco, such as Black Cherry tobacco, Cherry vanilla tobacco, Cherry menthol tobacco, Vanilla tobacco, Peach tobacco and Coconut tobacco along with the classic Blended Pueblo and Kentucky Rolling tobacco. Smokers Heaven smoke shop we also carry a large selection of tobacco pouches to ensure you keep your fine tobacco fresh at all times.

All flavoured rolling tobacco comes in 25g.

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Our price: £13.14

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