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Romeo Y Julieta Mini's

Romeo Y Julieta Mini's

Individually cellophane wrapped cigars. Smooth, aromatic, long cigars; hand rolled in Dominican Republic.

Mini Cigarillos at Smokers Heaven tobacconist UK. Here at Smokers Heaven tobacconist UK we carry a specially selected worldwide range of Mini Cigarillos in packs of 10. Our Cuban mini cigarillos are made from 100% Cuban tobacco, the Minis range is machine rolled in Cuba using the same source of leaves as hand-made Havana cigars. Smokers Heaven tobacconist also carry a fine selection of mini cigarillos from Ecuador, Brazil, Holland, Belgium, USA and Dominican Republic. Only the finest brands such as, Cohiba mini, Romeo y Julieta mini, Monte Cristo Puritos, Zahi Puritos, Mehariís mini, Phillies Blunt, Phillies Sweet and many
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